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>> tom: government is not waiting one nano seconds for the health care law. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. whether the cliff or the sequester cuts, more taxpayers are being told they will have to wait for their money. new report shows the irs are going full steam ahead, another d.c. double standard. to our panel and also joining us gary. sequester hypocrisy? >> of course it is. people make them think and they don't think they'll get their tax refund but the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's healthcare law. we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget on higher income americans you have medicare payroll tax hike, investment income hike and medical devices tax, that is just this year. >> and here is the interesting thing. with all that stuff. they are not going to wait nanosecond to collect their money but what the heck, where is my tax refund? >> i think you have a situation where they are trying to cause as much pain as possible to show you, hey, i told you so. sequester was bad. look we we
! okay. well, as we told you, south dakota has become the first state to enact a law allowing teachers to carry guns in schools. we've been asking us to share your thoughts on the controversial move. many responses pouring in today. ken says he thinks it's fine if the teachers are carefully screened and trained. and sharon says if it protect the school. not every viewer agrees. why can't with we use the retired police officers and thank you for for sharing. kelly wright and jamie colby standing by with more in new york. don't miss tomorrow's fox news sunday with chris wallace's interview with paul ryan. make it a great day, everybody. everybody. >> fox news alert, we're getting a look at the incredible damage from a massive storm that slammed a large part of the united states. this is video from plum island imassachusetts, houses ripped right off their foundations with strong waves pulling furniture right out into the sea. and this is new video of the island that we're looking at right now. you can see the devastation as demolition crews are now on the scene trying to do a recovery op
developing coast to coast, out west, colorado lawmakers are considering a major overhaul to existing gun laws. in the northeast, a late season storm is bringing two feet of snow and massive flooding to areas already hit hard this year. and overseas, world's 1.2 billion catholics begin the formal process of elect ago new leader. we're live in rome on the latest with the election of a new pope. >> hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in washington. well, with the country locked in a debate over gun control, the spotlight is on colorado this afternoon after intense lobbying in a marathon session a sweeping gun control package has advanced in that state's legislature that. has some wondering, what ever the outcome in colorado, will other states follow suit? dominic is following the story out west. dominic? >> hey there. it took 12 whole hours in this debate that went late into the night to send sweeping legislation through colorado's democrat-led senate. not every proposal got through. shear what did. first of all, universal background checks to include gun purchases between private parties a
to suspend the $16.4 trillion debt limit. they would pass a law to dock lawmakers' pay unless the democratally-controlled senate passes a budget, which it hasn't done in nearly four years. >> i think that was a gimmick. just giving barack obama a blank check for four months is inane as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: he told me that he is very concerned about cuts in the military and says we need to increase the spending in the military and there is a better way to apply the cuts. >> eric: on the other side, john, president obama blames the republicans that, john boehner won't sit dun to talk about the fiscal situation. americans are sick of this going from crisis to crisis. what can come down the road, do you think? >> reporter: paul brown says there is a better way to do this. and in fact, that may be in the works. despite what you heard gene sperling just say about when republicans feel the depth and the pain from these cuts, maybe they will get religion. they are already at work on an alternative to this sequester as laid out, the budget chief paul ryan says he has agre
laws this weekend. gun control, emotional issue for that state after last summer's movie theater massacre in aurora. and 1999's school shooting at columbine. this vote is shaping up to be close and it could have a big impact on gun laws across the country. dominic is live in los angeles with the story. >> just how crucial is it took six hours to debate a single measure, reducing the magazine size of assault weapons to just 15 rounds, was the point and issue there. this, of course, in the state between the horrific shootings, but western heritage. gun ownership really is part of daily life for many in colorado. >> if you want to buy a gun, you have to get a background check. then if you want to have a high capacity magazine, we're going to limit that to 15. and it will be grandfathered in. so those folks who have those types of ammunition, they can keep them. they just won't be sold once the bill is passed, they will not be able to purchase them or transfer them in the state. >> here is what got advanced to the final vote stage, which is due monday now. universal background checks
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showdown. the president signed sequester in law and laying the blame at the feet of the republicans in congress. fox news correspondant mark emmanuel has more. >> hi, uma, after the robbery republicans said they would not increase tax revenue. president obama signed an order putting it in affect. today the president blasted the gompt >> it is it happening because republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a wasteful tax loop hole. they decide to protect? interest tax breaks for the well off and well connected is more important than military and middle class. >> speaker boehner and nancy peel peel've -pelosi and there would be no last minute back room dealings. no one likes the reductions done, republicans accept happened them as a way to reduce sphending. a rising star blame happened president obama and allies in the senate for failing to act. >> we urge president obama and the stiant democrats to put country ahead of party and pass a responsible plan to replace the sequester. instead of campaigning for higher taxes, the president should our nation's sphending problem.
, the president signing those forced spending cuts into law, making it official, for blaming republicans every step of the way. now that the latest battle is behind them, can washington fine will he come together? >> arthel: also, your boss knows a lot about you. but now some employers are tracking what you eat. and even what you buy. what? we're going to explain why and send me your thoughts about this on twitter at arthel neville. >> rick: also "consumer reports" just released a list of the top auto buys and we've got a couple of them right outside our plaza here in midtown, manhattan, including the top sports car. there she is. we'll take you outside. that's coming up later. >> arthel: we're going to begin with this fox news alert. searchers calling off the search for a florida man swallowed by a massive sink hole. 37-year-old jeff bush is missing and presumed dead after the ground opened up under his bedroom. now emergency crews are giving up on finding the victim and they plan to demolish the house as the sink hole continues to grow. >> at this point in time, i've been told by our outside
. they would also pass a law that would dock lawmakers' pay unless the dem accurate i democraticad cincinnati does it. >> giving him a blank check is inane as far as i'm concerned. >> an inh inhighway in-depth na. showdown on debt row. it's followed by a special edition of the fox report with harris faulkner and then john roberts on showdown on debt row tonight on the fox newschannel. >>> well, a fox news alert. an update be on a devastating story in florida. just 15 minutes from tampa. demolition is now underway on this house. you're looking at live pictures of the crews here having to take down and dismantle the home that was perched over a giant sink hole. it took the life of a man inside his own bedroom. his bed and his body believed to be in that sink hole. they've not found him. they're trying to move the house forward if they can to let other family members who escaped collect some belongings. we'll keep you posted on that. they have actually, eric, called off the search. >> what a tragedy. just unbelievable. so sad. >>> well, as we've been telling you this morning, mitt romney opens u
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might have offset that but we didn't. this is an expensive law. it may produce conspiracy theories but it will certainly produce a hit in thual let. >> no dispute about that regardless of what side of the aisle you are on. just the way it is playing out. douglas, great to see you. thanks for coming? >> shannon: tonight the inside story on the debt debate you you haven't h heard. downroberts investigates now the country's debt crisis unfolded through the eyes of the lawmakers there in the thick of it. here is a preview. >> reporter: david is back in arizona telling constituents he will hold firm. >> you are going back to d.c. on monday. from there, there will be five days to solve this or go over whatever fiscal cliff will h happen when the sequestration kicks in. >> woo dough can't do this teenly marginal reduction in spending which ultimately by the end of the decade isn't even a reduction in spending it is just a reduction in the growth of spending god forbid what our future is if we can't to that. >> shannon: part of a powerful news block starting with chris wallace ex-clue you
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11